11 Reasons Why The Ledge at Skydeck is the Best Thing To Do in Chicago

Chicago’s most recognizable postcard image might be Cloud Atlas (a.k.a. “The Bean”) in Millennium Park, but it is an almost impossible thing to photograph. You’ll find crowds–or reflections of crowds–in every shot! Chicago’s Skydeck, on the other hand, is a unique must-see attraction because it allows visitors a new perspective on the city and a…

Visit Coney Island in New York.

11 Best Things To Do in Coney Island

“The only thing about America that interests me is Coney Island,” Sigmund Freud once said. Coney Island is a staple for any New Yorker or visitor in summertime. Ride colorful roller coasters or taste a New York classic like a Nathan’s hot dog from the first ever Nathan’s location. Fun Fact: Coney Island is actually a peninsula, not an island. Here are some top highlights of the beach destination only about an hour subway ride away from NYC.