The Travel Women is a community for women by women to help you travel more, for less.

Hi, I’m Jen and I love helping people travel more, for less. I share my real experiences traveling both solo and with others so you can make your first trip or zillionth trip cheaper and more fun. While many bloggers or influencers take a majority of trips they are given for free or paid to share, I pride myself on paying for 90% of my travels myself and being very transparent when I work with a partner. I only work with partners that are on-brand and I would recommend no matter what! I do not accept free stuff in my mailbox and I am purposeful with what I share to make sure I am as helpful as possible to the environment, other women and YOU!

I started my career at a travel magazine and even worked at an agency managing influencers with millions of followers. Some people call me an “influencer” because I have over 100K followers on Instagram or 20K subscribers on YouTube, but everyone is always shocked to find out how real I am both on camera and off. “You’re actually so energetic and outgoing in person,” people always say to me, shocked that I am not different from my social presence. Now I see too many people creating separate personalities on social media or their blogs and I’m not about that. I hope that this collection of my experiences and tips on how to make a specific trip happen will help you live a better life traveling more, for less money!

If you still want to know more about me, I thought I’d share some random facts so you can get to know me, but enough about me, I want this about page to be more about you! Please comment below to start the conversation: what stories do you want to read next? What would you like to learn? How can I help you travel more? Save more money? Make the most out of your vacation days?

We believe as travelers we have a responsibility to not take but give back to the environment and locals we visit.

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Jennifer O’Brien

Founder, Editor in chief

Jennifer O'Brien

Jen founded The Travel Women in 2015 and works full-time managing the website and social media community, traveling half the time and residing half the time in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She loves testing out new travel technology from cameras to drones and is a professional photographer and videographer. She studied abroad in Parma, Italy allowing her to fine-tune her Italian while traveling all around Italy and to 10 new countries. Returning from study abroad she landed her dream internship at a travel magazine where she worked for 3 years before transitioning into a social media agency. Some of her favorite travel experiences include: riding camels into the Sahara, cruising down the Danube in Budapest and bobsledding the Olympic track in Norway. She founded The Travel Women to lift up amazing women with amazing stories and create a community for women to share information on where they’ve been so others can make their dream trips reality. She also loves meeting fellow travelers and encourages you to email her and introduce yourself!