Interested in expanding the reach of your brand and tapping into our community of educated, adventurous millennial women? We offer a number of services to help you meet your marketing goals. Please email us to request more information and our Media Kit:

Clients we work with:
– Photography: Canon
– Luxury Hotels/Resorts: Jade Mountain
– Airlines: Lufthansa 
– Tourism: Japan, Czech Republic, Jamaica 
– Products: Mova Globes
– Fashion brands: Noel Asmar

Services Include:
– Custom article, photography, video content packages
– Sponsored blog posts
– Sponsored social media posts to an engaged audience of over 100K followers
– Reviews of hotels, tours or travel experiences
– Custom video solutions including 4K, 360 and drone videos

Press coverage:
– Credit Donkey: “Best Blogs 2018
– SheKnows: “5 Travel Experts Share Their Smartest Travel Hacks
– Forbes: “Four Ways Millennial Women Are Dominating Their Bucket Lists
– Forbes: “Best Places To Celebrate the Fourth of July
– Paste Magazine: “Interview with Jennifer O’Brien
– MovieHustle: “Top Travel Blogs 2018
– GirlsThatScuba: “A Beginner’s Guide to Scuba Diving in Barbados