How to Discover Fiji Beyond Viti Levu with Pacific Island Air Seaplanes

I had accidentally booked my Fiji stay on the main island, Viti Levu, rather than venturing further out. The trick to visiting paradise is you have to get away from the mainland. The most stunning beach was a ninety-minute boat ride into the abyss from the already-remote island of Rangiroa! Pacific Island Air offers a few different day-trips to the most remote areas of Fiji. This means you can visit the most beautiful, secluded islands from the mainland in one afternoon via sea plane!

How to Make the Most Out of Business Travel

Working on the road can be tough. You feel pressure to represent your company, so it can be difficult to let your hair down. Jet lag can make it difficult to want to do anything other than sleep and you’ll probably also be touching base with your family and colleagues during your down time. Then as you depart whatever exciting land you’ve just “seen,” there’s that all too familiar tinge of regret as you buy your sad little magnet from an airport gift shop. 

Everyone’s situation is different, but as someone who travels for work frequently, I’ve picked up a few tricks that might help you milk the company’s dime.