Williamsburg’s hipster stereotypes would not be complete without a myriad of vintage shops catering to every budget. These spaces which range from tiny closet-sized stores to mini-warehouses are filled with one-of-a-kind treasures and stories of a New York gone by.  Racks of pre-loved pieces are ready to take on a new life and complete your unique look.  Stores stock current trends and owners serve as stylists to help you find authentic ways to wear gems that no one else will have. With so many options to choose from in this vintage shop mecca, these are the best places to find the right Williamsburg vibes with something for everyone.  

1. Antoinette:

This shop’s owner, Lexi, welcomes shoppers as if they are friends. Lexi named the store after her mom who worked in fashion. Most items the store sells are vintage, however, a quarter of its inventory is comprised of items made by independent local designers. Most tags are under $100 except for rare or designer pieces. Snag a great deal on clothes in the $1 bin or a quality pair of jeans from their 70s denim section.


10 Ft Single by Stella Dallas

10 Ft Single by Stella Dallas

Stella's Living Stella’s Living

2. 10 Ft Single by Stella Dallas and the adjacent Stella’s Living stores:

10 Ft Single has an expansive collection of clothing ranging from $20 T-shirts to $200 leather jackets and an amazing assortment of Converse shoes. The walls are covered in vintage maps and authentic Woodstock posters that unfortunately are not for sale. Next door, Stella’s Living specializes in textiles dating back as early as the 1800s. They also have cases of costume jewelry and specialty turn of the century women’s clothing. Items range from 50 cent buttons to a $1,000 large handmade rug. Go on Fridays to check out their new stock.

3. Malin Landaeus, Select Vintage Collection:

This store encourages everyone to come have fun and play dress up with their awesome vintage. They have everything: from $15 rhinestone rings to a badass metal armor corset lined with gems that just sold for $1,200. They also specialize in leather boots that are handmade and even leather lined by brands like Freelance.

4. Amarcord:

The sign outside cheekily beckons each passerby along Bedford “Nothing haunts us like the Vintage we didn’t buy.” This curated high-end spot has everything from beautiful splurge pieces like a $1,165 Chanel handbag to $20 earrings. The vintage jewelry collection sparkles as one of the best in Williamsburg for that perfect window shopping Breakfast at Tiffany’s moment.

5. Monk:

Monk’s impressive racks of thrift and vintage date back to the 1920s. It’s on the more affordable side and there’s even a $1 rack! There are fun sections of sequins and gowns for any occasion from Halloween to a night at Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg. One of the coolest things they have on display are these $1,200 rare leather boots pictured above that are no longer for sale.

6. Narnia:

With a name like Narnia it is hard not to be intrigued to enter the beautifully designed pink door in the pursuit of magic. The two rooms and backyard do not feel cramped like most vintage shops. The attention to detail is seen in the floor, hand-painted by the owner. They are one of the only vintage shops that also collect crystals from Spain and India, with the largest quartz crystal setting you back $1,000. Items range from casual to high designer pieces most from $48 to $250. One favorite piece was the museum quality local African courting ritual dress which took a year to fully hand stitch and costs $1,000.

7. Brooklyn Reclamation: 

Next to Narnia is a vintage furniture store specializing in luggage, lamps and globes. The cutest mini globe (pictured above) was just sold for $25 to a wanderluster who joked about saving money for a trip in the tiny globe bank. They even have custom shelves and tables made from the reclaimed wood of a 60s bowling alley!

8. Phenix:

This hidden gem on Grand Avenue tucked in between Bedford and Berry, doesn’t even show up in Google maps, though we did mark it on our map. This small luxury consignment store has rare but affordable finds like affordable Victorian era skirts and a vintage Louis Vuitton Suitcase. Rumor has it Emma Watson purchased the matching Louis Vuitton briefcase.

9. Awoke vintage:

For fun vintage and employees specially trained in knowing which of their many denim jeans will fit you right by looking at you, this spot has you covered. Almost everything is $75 and under except the unique redeemed leather jackets that are resewn to current trends for about $300. The employees laugh and help you unwind while shopping and recommend coming by around 7 on weeknights to hangout.

10. Horizons:

Horizons is a clean, bright storefront with an antique car in front. The store mixes contemporary and vintage designs with a shelves of trendy jewelry. Outside you can find something on the $10-$20 rack or spend up to $600 on a gold ring.

11. Arbor Vitae:

The goal of this small brother and sister family business is to make trendy clothing affordable to everyone. They have great prices including clothes for $1 up to special pieces like a Chanel sweater for $400.

12. Rabbits:

Dig through the $10 basket or spend $1,600 on a Chanel coat, Rabbits has something for everyone. They specialize in kimonos as the owner goes to Japan annually to buy kimonos including rare pre-World War 2 ones with red sewn on the inside.

Do you have any favorite Vintage shops in Brooklyn or NYC or in your favorite city, share them below! Let us know the next vintage mecca that we need to visit and cover!  

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2 thoughts on “The Best Vintage Stores in Williamsburg, Brooklyn”

  1. Hi there my daughter and I are travelling from Australia to New York in November. Is there a street that is best to be dropped off in at Williamsburg if we are going to do the vintage shops by foot.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Lara, the best street would likely be the Bedford subway stop at Bedford and North 7th area as you can walk to most from there, thank you!

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