The Weird and Wonderful Caribbean Bucket List

After enjoying beautiful beaches and resort amenities, some of the best things to do in the Caribbean can be a bit weird but oh so wonderful! From swimming with pigs to stingrays, here is our Caribbean bucket list. 1. Experience Carnival: Trinidad and Tobago has the second largest Carnival after Rio! You must experience this…

Half Moon Jamaica Luxury Resort Review

Half Moon is a one-of-a-kind fifty years old luxury property with 400 acres and 2 mile beachfront property. It is an independently-managed five-star resort with an award-winning spa, 18-hole golf course and even an equestrian centre with “turf and surf” excursions available where you can go horseback riding on the beach turf and even swim with horses! There is no shortage of dining options including Sugar Mill, which was awarded as Jamaica’s best restaurants. The resort is currently undergoing the second phase of a $75 million expansion project which will provide 57 new rooms by October 2018.

Bluefields Bay Villas Jamaica Resort Review

Bluefields Bay Villas is the perfect “country retreat on the sea” with every luxury of a large resort but the privacy of your own secluded villa on the south coast of Jamaica. Each of the six waterfront villas has a private pool, gourmet chef and personal butler. The service was impeccable with a butler available 24-hours and even available for daily excursions. When we went to the YS Falls someone accompanied us to carry a custom picnic basket filled with fresh local snacks. The beachfront property extends along the south coast with beautifully landscaped vistas and the perfect view of sunset.