Downtown Los Angeles is one of the most underrated areas of the city. Most flock to Hollywood and Beverly Hills, but DTLA offers a lot to travelers. Here are the best things to do while in downtown LA!

1. Purchase a cupcake at the Cupcake ATM: The original one is in Beverly Hills, but there is another one at USC’s campus.  USC’s campus is located in DTLA, making it convenient to snag a cupcake in the most quirky way possible – from a cupcake ATM. This one’s located right next to USC’s bookstore.

2. Visit the Bradbury Building: This office building serves as an architectural landmark. Although it’s not possible to tour the building, it still merits a visit to snap photos and admire the architecture.

3. Visit The Broad: The Broad is a contemporary art museum that is home to over 2000 works of art! They routinely rotate out the exhibits, so even if you’ve gone before, you should go again! The most popular exhibit right now is the infinity mirrored room by Yayoi Kusama (pictured on the left), which is on view . through fall 2017.


4. Marvel at the Walt Disney Concert Hall: Right next to the Broad, the Walt Disney Concert Hall is impeccably designed. Even if you never actually go inside, the outside is spectacle enough to keep you entertained.


5. Eat at Grand Central Market: You could eat here every day for a week and still you wouldn’t have tried it all. Grand Central Market has a multitude of delicious food stalls. There are plenty of Mexican food vendors to go around, but also Ramen vendors, pizza vendors, and entire stalls dedicated to eggs and cheese. Eggslut, which specializes in egg dishes, often has the longest line. 


6. Visit The Last Bookstore: Even if you’re not a book-lover, you’re probably going love it here. The Last Bookstore is the coolest book store mainly because of their eccentric displays. With flying books and book tunnels, it is reminiscent of the library from Harry Potter.


7. Slide down a glass slide at Skyspace LA: Skyspace LA has always been one of the best places to view the DTLA skyline, but now you can slide down a 45 feet long glass slide which connects the 70th floor to the east observation terrace all while enjoying a fantastic view of the city. Advanced booking is recommended for this popular activity.


8. Admire the street art: The art doesn’t end after you step out of the Broad. In fact, in downtown Los Angeles, art is everywhere. Plastered on the sides of high-rise buildings, it’s almost like an outdoor museum.


9. See Angel’s Flight: Angel’s Flight is a tram that’ll take you exactly one block through Los Angeles because at the time it was built, high-profile residents of the area didn’t want to walk down the set of stairs down this steep slope. Its ridiculousness is just part of its charm, and now it’s a historic landmark, with people working on getting it running again.


10. See the iconic Urban Light installation at LACMA: The Urban Light installation is a popular spot for fun photos and has even appeared in a few movies like “No Strings Attached.” Check out the gorgeous sculpture garden right next to it which has less tourists and a unique view of the lights.

11. Go to LA Live: Advertised as “The Most Entertaining Place on Earth,” LA Live really comes to life at night whenever there’s an event there (and rest assured, there are plenty of events). With iconic places such as the Staples Center and the Grammy Museum located right inside, there will always be something to entertain you.


Have you ever been to Downtown Los Angeles? What did you do there? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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