Restaurants in NYC, Manhattan specifically, have the most expensive rent per square foot and most expensive cost of food in the U.S., but if successful they often catapult food trends worldwide.1 Shake Shack for example started as a hotdog stand in Madison Square Park but now has expanded to over 100 locations in about 10 years.2 The cliché “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere” is pretty accurate considering that 80% of NYC restaurants fail within five years of opening.3 Considering the competition NYC restaurants need more than just delicious food but in today’s visual foodie world need to also create an aesthetically pleasing experience. Here are some of our favorite and most Instagrammable restaurants in NYC.  

1. Two Hands: Two Hands offers some of the best Australian food in New York. A quick stop for a spot of brekkie or brunch, Two Hands has incredible sandwiches and salads. For a surprise delight, head downstairs to the bathroom with your camera. What’s down there? Only the cutest bathroom decor ever!


2. Pietro Nolita: This restaurant is completely pink. Everything except the food is a lovely shade of bubblegum pink, including the tree outside, which is wrapped with pink macrame.


3. Amorino Gelato: Order an unlimited number of flavors which they mold into a beautiful rose shape. Don’t worry, it doesn’t just have the looks, the gelato is absolutely scrumptious as well.


4. De Maria: Just like the wall outside the restaurant, the food that De Maria serves is vibrant, delicious New American cuisine.


5. Dō: Dō specializes in edible cookie dough. Not only can you get scoops of it like ice cream, you can also bake it when you get home. There is often at least an hour long line to enter inside the store (with another line inside!)


6. Cha Cha Matcha: Unlike Dō, Cha Cha Matcha, which specializes in a type of green tea from Japan, is more of a well-kept secret. There is no line and no crowd yet! The adorable pink and green color scheme and wall art make the perfect backdrop for a photo with your Matcha.    

7. Tiny’s: The founders of Tiny’s saw this tiny building and seized an incredible opportunity. Tiny’s is very aptly named, and the name combined with its color make it a must-see for foodie photographers.

8. The Butcher’s Daughter: A favorite for the vegetarian and vegan crowd. With hip decor and an exclusively vegetarian menu (it’s also mostly vegan), it is the perfect place for veggie lovers.


9. Loosie Rouge: Just under the Williamsburg Bridge you can find Loosie Rouge, Loosie’s Kitchen and The Bar a 3-in-1 heaven for coffee, food and cocktails (like the Matcha Patcha). Loosie’s Kitchen serves southern-style hospitality. For brunch order the Matcha Patcha drink and avocado toast which is so good and even creatively displayed with pink eggs!


10. Café Mogador: The Moroccan-inspired cuisine originated in the East Village in 1983 and recently expanded to Williamsburg where the award-winning brunch is well worth the about 30 minute wait.


11: Serendipity 3: Serendipity is defined as the art of making happy discoveries. It was New York’s first coffee house boutique which was furnished cheaply with out-of-style Tiffany glass lamps that are now worth a fortune! The eclectic interiors have attracted some of the top celebrities over the years. Serendipity 3 is best known for their goblet of “frozen hot chocolate” which you must order. You can even purchase the mix to make at home.


Where are your favorite NYC restaurants, comment below!






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