Instead of scooping up a traditional ice cream cone, this ice cream shop in Brooklyn is serving a much cooler concoction. At -321 Ice Cream, the ice cream is made to order with liquid nitrogen. They start with the type of ice cream base that is usually put inside a freezer but instead they freeze it with liquid nitrogen at a temperature of -321 degrees Fahrenheit. This process creates smaller ice crystals resulting in a creamier ice cream. Their most popular flavors are Matcha and Smores which are topped with green Tea Kit Kats and marshmallows roasted in front of you! You also must try the gluten free “Nitro Balls” that are frozen and cause “dragon’s breath” to come out your nose. Watch the video to see more!

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One thought on “Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream”

  1. Great article and video. I would go for the smores. The nitrogen effect looks very interesting. Looks delicious. Enjoy!????????????

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