Shea is one of the Travel Women Ambassadors and is a travel blogger from Jamaica. READ MORE ABOUT OUR AMBASSADORS HERE. 

1. Why do you travel? To have experiences I can have nowhere else.

2. What do you think of when you think of a woman traveler? I think courage and inspiration.Women travellers have the power to inspire.

3. What was your favorite travel experienceWhen I visited Ecuador, Cuba and Colombia. In Ecuador, the locals taught me Spanish. By the time I was ready to leave the country, I was able to have a decent conversation with them. Now, there’re friends and not just locals. In Cuba, I had such an authentic experience. Old Town, Havana was so breathtaking. It brought me right back to the 50th. Back to a time before I even existed. In Colombia, I did a weekend with a local family on the country side and ate with my hands. Loved loved loved the experience.

4. Where do you want to go next, why? I want to go to Iceland, Israel and Morocco. I’ve been obsessed with Iceland ever since I read about how the country was formed. I mean, it was formed out of the eruption of volcanoes. This fact peaked my interest. I want to go and see what it looks like in person and to experience the Northern Lights. Israel. I have never been to the Middle East. I want to go and visit the biblical cities Oh Morocco, Morocco. I bought a travel guide since 2014 on Morocco. That’s how much I have been dreaming on visiting there. I want to go and stand in the middle of their sand dunes, ride camels, visit their colorful cities and chat with the locals and eat eat EAT their fooood!!

5. When did you started traveling? In October of 2012, when I was 22 years old. I did my very first trip during this time and it was all solo. 

6. Who do you prefer traveling with? Company is good, but for the most part I rather it solo. I think whenever I do solo trips I’m able to connect more with the culture, talk to the locals, and make plans of exact places and things I’d like to go and do. Traveling alone is a bit of selfishness  (hahaha), but it gets you so engaged in the culture and this is why I travel. 

7. Why do you enjoy photographing/writing about travel? I love talking photos and writing about my experiences so others can see that excitement, fun and beauty is out there. Nothing I enjoy more that when I find a hidden gem, and I’m able to share it via photography. I love the idea of sharing and helping others to discover. 

8. What is your favorite souvenir? Saving up the currency bills from the different countries I’m been. Right now I’m in Rio de Janerio and some of the coins have an Olympic sport and the Olympic rings on the back-side. It’s not a bill, but in this case the coins will do! 


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