As part of our Interview series we interviewed one of our favorite digital nomad video creators, Louise who is “Digital Nomad Girl” on YouTube and writes on her site

Photo of Louise between a blue and red door wearing a cute thrifted romper with floral pattern

1. Why do you travel?

I love how varied this world is and how quickly you can get a ‘vibe’ from a new city or country as soon as you land. I love comparing different traditions, people, languages, architecture and spotting all the changes as they emerge. Some places I just gel with immediately and others I never quite feel at home in. It’s a fascinating world out there! Of course there is also a seemingly unlimited supply of breathtaking views or monuments to see and I’m sure I’ll never capture them all.

2. What do you think of when you think of a woman traveler?

Safety is a big factor for me – I want somewhere that I can walk along and feel reasonably secure. Similarly, countries that treat women with a reasonable amount of respect and equality culturally. On the other hand – I’m always looking for the perfect Instagram spot so the photogenic factor of places/hotel/tourist sight is a big influencer!

3. What was your favorite travel experience?

I am a Digital Nomad now so I love getting settled into each city and making friends. My Fiancé and I are slowly collecting contacts from all over the world and getting amazing insider insights into what life is really like where they’re from. It’s often very different to the clichés!

4. Which place(s) do you want to go next, why?

My next stop is the Bolivian Salt Flats and that’s something that’s been at the top of my bucket list for a looooog time. Very excited to finally be ticking it off! Next goals are Iceland, Lisbon, Mauritius and Cuba. Quite a collection!

5. When did you start traveling?

Pretty much birth! My parents were always big into travel so we were lucky enough to do a lot as children. For example, they took us out of school for two months at age 7 to caravan around Australia, and at 13 they took us to Peru to see Machu Picchu. I definitely caught the travel bug young.

6. Who do you prefer traveling with?

Right now my fiancé and I are travelling a lot together, but I love to go on adventures with my family too. We all get along really well and always have a roaring laugh. Mostly I like to travel with people who have similar budgets and interests to me – that tends to create the best atmosphere.

Louise sitting on the front of an abandoned train in the desert

7. Why do you enjoy photographing/writing about travel?

It’s addictive! Everywhere you go you meet people telling you more places that you “must visit” and add to the list. I love adding spots to my collection and having beautiful photos to remember forever. Looking back on all the details you would’ve otherwise forgotten is always such fun.

8. What is your favorite souvenir?

I buy a postcard from each city I visit and write my favourite memories on the back. I’ve quite a collection going on now!


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