International Women’s Day on March 8th is not owned or run by one specific feminist or group but is all about collective human rights as Gloria Steinem says. On this day we commemorate all the beautiful souls and brave women who are not afraid to travel outside their comfort zone, lift other women up along the way and fight for all rights. We asked you, our Ambassadors, our fellow travelers: “what do you think of when you think of a woman traveler?” See the creative and inspirational answers below and share your thoughts below!


“A woman traveler is the strongest, boldest and most courageous woman you know. She inspires you to travel outside your comfort zone and she understands the importance of unity and understanding other cultures and people. She makes new friends easily along the way with the goal to lift other women up and help them in any way she can. A woman traveler is not about collecting passport stamps from far off destinations, but instead feels at home in the journey even if it’s a rough dirt road.” – Jennifer O’Brien, Founder @jenniferscamera


“I think of bravery when I think of women travelers. I still think there’s a lot of societal pressure on women to look, act, speak, and live a certain way — I love it when women defy convention and do what they want without apologizing for it. When I took time off of work to take a trip around the world, I was met with both encouragement and criticism. I got a lot of comments about how I should be married, start a family, and buy a house instead of taking time to travel, even though those things weren’t the right thing for my life at that time. My hope is that by chasing my dreams, I may inspire other women to chase theirs, too.” Anne Foss, Ambassador, @TheTravelDarling


“When I think women traveler I think traveler. We should definitely encourage women to travel more and break the cliches that women prefer to travel rather than explore.” – Alina Rudya @rrrudya 


“I think first of confidence and bravery. You must be brave to throw yourself into the vast unknown, and confident enough in yourself to know that you trust yourself in a place where you know no one else. I then think of curiosity, just as I have. The female traveler is curious and wants to see new and different things rather than the old comforts of her hometown.” – Claire Wang, Ambassador @adventureatwork


“As a woman who has traveled solo to almost 45 countries, I consider a woman traveler to be an independent and fun-loving individual. She is the type of person who smiles and finds the courage to live her daydreams despite even the toughest circumstances. She constantly inspires others through her adventurous and relentless spirit!” – Anna Mazurek, Ambassador @annamazurekphoto


“A woman who travels sees the relationships, notices the details. She can multi-task. She can change currency with one hand and grab a jeepny with the other. On the practical side of this question, a woman who travels has some means, and there are so many women around this world who don’t. It’s important for women who are able to travel to take in the experiences of women in other cultures, to tap into what unifies us, to expand from embracing what makes us different, and to seek out opportunities to empower women worldwide.” – Rin Ehlers Sheldon, Ambassador, @rinehlers


“I think of a passionate, fearless, strong, person with a lot of determination, and A LOT guts! I think people don’t realize that traveling can be really challenging and difficult  – it’s not just a holiday all the time! A lot of people dream but never do – I think a woman traveler always does! She find a way to make things happen.” Anna Kloots, Intern, @traveloutsidethebox


“Sadly enough I think people immediately envision a women coordinating everything and over scheduling herself and others so they can check off all their must-see to-dos and rarely taking time to enjoy herself. But the reality is we are just as adventurous and curious as the next person. I often travel alone and I love just wandering and finding things along the path. I certainly have my must see list but I’ve become a much more relaxed traveler over the years.” – Holly Garner @golightly 


“I personally think of empowerment, discovery and culture. One of my favorite books is Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, who travels for a year around India, Indonesia and Italy. Some people think this is amazing, and some people have commented about it being negligent and self-involved. It saddens me when there are negative connotations to women traveling (as well as women in business). I really hope this new generation can build a positive image of strength and empowerment. Women should have the freedom to be who they want to be and live the life the choose to live.” – Jess MacCorcráin INTERVIEW



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