Stand tall, wear a crown and be sweeten the holidays with these tropical pineapple vibes!  Stand tall, wear a crown and be sweeten the holidays with these tropical pineapple vibes!

1. Tropical Pineapple Money Box: $25 Save up for your next beach vacation with this perfectly shaped money bank.

2. Yellow Pineapple Watch: $16 Wear your island time vibes with this cute watch complete with a bright yellow strap.

3. Designer Flash Tattoos: $15.95 For a little more money these temporary tattoos come with four sheets of artsy designs including a line of seven pineapples!

4. Vive Le Color! Tropics: $6.96 Adult coloring books are the best way to de-stress during the holidays. These tropical designs will transport you to a warmer climate. It’s also bound on the top ideal for both the right- and left-handed.

5. Beach Road Designs Pineapple Sheet: $49 Skip the bulky towel with this extra large cotton sheet. It’s thin, folds up easily, making it perfect for the beach or a park picnic. 5% is donted to Rainforest Partnership which helps protect local forests. My favorite colors are the fuscia or eggshell blue. GO TO OUR INSTAGRAM @THETRAVELWOMEN FOR A CHANCE TO WIN THIS!

6. Pineapple Taper Holder: $36 Set the mood for an island feast with these heavy gold candle stick holders.

7. Pineapple purse: $25 This over the shoulder woven bag is perfect for a beach day.

8. Fabric Fancy Linen Coin Purse: $7.95 This pineapple zipper bag features a pineapple with sunglasses on one side and handwritten “Pine Apple” on the other side.

9. Watercolors-Pineapple Aloha On Blue By Trudi, Cosmetic Clutch: $28 This hand painted watercolor design is super cute for a makeup bag and will easily fit in your carry on.

10. Pineapple Coin Purse: $5.99 Add a little sparkle and fun to any purse or keychain with this functional coin purse!

11. Pineapple Tote Bag: $17.99 This natural canvas material and simple design make this bag great for everyday chores or shopping for your next getaway.

12. S’ip by S’well Pineapple Bliss Insulated Double-Walled Stainless Steel Water Bottle, 15 oz: $24.99 This stylish Water Bottle saves plastic bottles and keeps your water colder longer when you’re getting your tan on.

13. Pink Pineapple Canvas Throw Pillow Covers: $6.60 This 18×18 cover will make any room feel warmer with this pop of color.

14. Blue Pineapple Light: $98 This might be the most expensive item on this list, but for a pineapple themed room, this light will shine!

15. Pineapple Baseball Cap Polo Style: $9.99 For your next weekend at the Hamptons this will keep you covered.

16. Salt and Pepper Shakers: Season your luau with these cute white ceramic pineapple shakers.

17. Pineapple Pencil Holder: $16 This simple rounded pineapple shape sweetens any room and can hold anything from pens to makeup brushes.

18. Yellow Pineapple Stainless Steel Colander: $3.99 Prepare pasta or rinse fruits with this playful cutout pineapple design.

19. Embossed Glass Pineapple Beverage dispenser: $24.99 Host your next luau with this tropical embossed glass dispenser.

20. Pineapple Tumblr with Straw: $24.99 Sip your favorite pineapple cocktail while it stays cool in this thermally efficient copper.

21. Brass Pineapple Coin Dish: $18 Decorate your side table with this stylish and shiny dish for coins, jewelry you name it!

22. 6-foot Jumbo Tropical Pineapple Pool Float: $29.99 The best new pool accessory is a float like this one so you can relax in style.

23. BigMouth Inc Giant Pineapple Pool Float: $29.99 This fun design will help you float to your happy place while lounging in style.

24. BigMouth Inc Inflatable Pool Party Drink Floats, 3 pack: $10.99 Keep the party going with your drink afloat with you in the pool or hot tub.

25. Triple C Power Card Ultra Thin Charger: $36 The cutest pink charger for a full beach day. The pattern looks like a pineapple is winking at you.

26. Blushing Pineapple Earbud Holder: $20. This mini leather earbud holder looks totally unique and could maybe also double as a jewelry holder.

27. Pineapple Earbud Organizer Keychain: $9.99 Keep your headphones accessible and tangle-free with this cute and helpful keychain.

28. Pineapple Pin: $12 Add a gold plated pineapple to anything you own with this cute pin.

29. iHeartRaves Galaxy Pineapple Fanny Pack: $14.95 Travel hands free to Ibiza or a festival, without having to worry about your stuff in this fun patterned fanny pack.

30. Beach Who You Wanna Be Patch Set: $12.99 Decorate anything with these beachy patches.

31. Lidore Set of 10 Metal Pineapple Shaped Lanterns String Lights: $18.88 These decorative lights cast beautiful warm light shadows.

32. Wrapables Washi Masking Tape, Golden Pineapple: $7.59  Crafting or Scrapbooking your last island getaway sticks together much better with this creative gold design.

33. Pineapple Cookie cutter: Host a beach bash with Pineapple shaped cookies, pancakes, fruits and more!

34. Flexible Ice Cube Tray Multi Design: $4.99 Tropical drinks deserve appropriately shaped ice.

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