1. Flatwhite and avo on toast: Start the day with an Australian favorite: avo on toast (avocado on toast).
  2. Sydney Opera House: My favorite architectural wonder of Australia, if not the world is the one-of-a-kind opera house. FUN FACTS HERE
  3. Opera Bar: This is the best spot to sit and sip a cold beer while admiring the harbor.
  4. Harbour Bridge: The Opera house gets all the attention, but the Harbour Bridge (aka “coathanger” to the locals)is also a great sight and climb – if your wallet can stomach it. Instead of climbing (which prohibits any phones or cameras) we decided to take a helicopter ride!
  5. Helicopter ride: Yes, I did try to take photos on my two cameras and my iphone simultaneously, but it’s also a beautiful view to sit back and enjoy. Go just before sunset for a glowing horizon and soft lighting.
  6. Fairy floss for breakfast at Devon Cafe: You have to order fairy floss (cotton candy) on toast – this place was made for instagrammers.
  7. Ferry to the zoo: The ferry ride goes almost 180 degrees around the opera house, with every angle of the sails and the harbour coming to life.
  8. Taronga Zoo: Zoom up the hill on a cable car to the zoo with incredible views of the harbour. Admittedly I mostly took photos of the giraffes, they have the BEST view in the zoo and the longest necks to enjoy it.
  9. Bondi Beach: A short drive from Sydney, this stretch of beach is so popular they made a tv show about it Bondi Rescue. The signature rock pools cut into the ocean with the waves crashing over swimmers as they do laps. Best part: anyone 18 and over can walk right into the Icebergs club, grab a drink or take a swim!
  10. Palmer and Co: End the night at the coolest underground prohibition bar.

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