When you’re always on the go, holiday shopping is the last thing on your mind, but don’t worry we have put together the ultimate Gift Guide for every woman who loves travel on your list! AND all of these gifts will arrive by Christmas! 

1. Chatbooks: $8 – $12 Log into this awesome app or website to easily print books directly from your Instagram, Facebook or camera roll favorites into a book series for $8/book or $12 for a custom book. ***Use the code “TheTravelWomen” for your first book in a series free or 10% off custom books or prints!


2. Oh what fun pouch: $10 There’s just something so festive about a glittery handwritten design like this one.


3. Ceramic Skyline Trinket Dish: $14 Surround yourself with your favorite illustrated skylines. Choose from NYC, London or Paris! 


4. Alink Silicone Travel Size Bottles with Labels: $12.99 This set of 9 travel friendly bottles are leak proof and have a custom labeling system where you can rotate the lid to say “sun” or “soap” … 


5. DevaCurl Towel: $20 This tiny travel-friendly DevaTowel is an anti-frizz microfiber towel that helps you dry your hair keeping curl definition without adding frizz. 


6. Snapchat Spectacles: $130 If you love creating social videos, these glasses create round videos that sync to snapchat allowing you to tilt your phone when you watch creating an almost panoramic interactive view! The style of the spectacles is also adorable, coming in black, teal or salmon, way cooler looking than Google glasses.


7. The New Instax Mini 70: $109 What better way to remember your holiday party than with a colorful instant camera that now includes automatic exposure, “selfie” mode, a self timer, macro mode, landscape mode and a tripod mount! We love the blue or red one, but if you prefer the pastel pink or light blue, check out the less expensive classic model from our guide last year HERE


8. Inspirational pen set of three: $14.95 I bought these when I got my new job and they are such a pretty way to “adult” but still have that cute inspirational “you got this” or “make it happen” vibe to get you through a difficult Monday! 


9. Motivational Pencil Set: $10 These motivational writing tools are the cutest stocking stuffer. Pencils read: “Hustle, Darling” “Rosé all day” “Like a boss” “Messy Bun & Getting Stuff Done” “She Sees Possibility Everywhere” “First Coffee, then all the things”


10. GirlBoss Mug: $17.99 Why sip coffee out of a regular mug when there’s this?  


11. Floral Laundry Day Bag Set: $19 Keep your lingerie, laundry and shoes neatly organized in these adorable bags on your next trip. 


12. Eva NYC Mini Healthy Heat Ceramic Styling Iron: $30 This travel-friendly rose gold tool is meant to straighten or create loose waves without damaging your hair! It’s so small and comes in an adorable bag so you can bring it with you on the go. 


13. Passing Countryside Travel Accessories: $24 – $38 Your passport deserves to be safe and kept in a cute travel themed case like this one perfect for your next trip to the Mediterranean. The Passport case or the luggage tag are $24. The document holder is $38.  


14. Metallic Pill Case: $10 Way better than a plastic bag, this shiny reminder to take your vitamins or whatever will keep you organized and on schedule while on the go! They also have a contacts case HERE.   


15. Shoe bags: $22.99 Your shoes could tell so many stories, but you probably don’t want to share their germs with the contents of your suitcase.  


16. Solemates rescue heel problems: $24.99 Protect yourself and your shoes with these thoughtful solutions to high risk high heel problems. The kit includes bandages, a nail clipper, nail file, foot wipe, cushions, anti-skid pads, nail polish remover and more!  

17. Brunch Minimergency Kit: $12 The “Brunch So Hard” kit packs just what you need for eggs benny and mimosas with the girls. It includes pants expander, pain reliever, stain remover, dental floss and even a toss coin for sweet vs. savory. 


18. Praktikal picnic blanket: $21.95 On the go to a new beach or park this outdoor blanket is so tiny it fits in your hand, but expands to 66 inches by 55 inches. It is waterproof and sand proof and ready for any occasion. 


19. Camping tool kit: $16.95 This is the perfect gift for a first time camper or glamper. This tool kit has 10 functions from LED light, whistle, compass, fire starter flint, mirror, to a magnifier and more. 


20. Jump rope: $12.97 This is one of the BEST ways to work out while traveling because you can do so many exercises with it and it doesn’t take up much space or weight in your suitcase. 


21. Stasher Storage: $11.99 Need a plastic bag for your TSA approved toiletries or to organize your carry on, get this instead. The pinch-press seal prevents leaks and save the environment one bag at a time. 


22. Scrubba wash bag: $49.95 Not every hotel has a washer, so when you need to rewear outfits this old school “washing machine” replacement has you covered, weighing only 5 oz.  


23. Airline headphone adaptor: $2.95 Don’t feel pressured to buy those horrible airline headphones, stay comfortable with your headphones thanks to this Airline adaptor.  


24. Razor guard: $5.95 Toothbrush guards are more common, but this will keep your razor safely in your bag protecting your stuff and helping your razor last longer. 


25. Shout Wipe and Go Wipes: $9.49 These portable wipes can remove stains on the go when stains happen. 


26. Sentsicles, Snow Berry Wreath Scented Ornament Sticks: $11.99 Make any holiday away smell just like Christmas without the big tree.


27. Solar Powered String Lights: $13.99 These waterproof, solar powered, portable LED lights make for some really fun and creative Instagram photos or can be a much better nightlight in a place like a tent without outlets.


28. Portable Phone Charger: $23.99 Keep your phone going all day with this charger, you can charge an iphone about four times before plugging it in! 


29.  Anker 6ft Nylon braided USB Cable: $12.99 This cable for iphones or this one for android devices is life changing. The cable is durable and can bend in every direction without breaking and comes in pretty colors like silver, gold, blue, pink and more. You can use your phone while it’s charging from an outlet 6 feet away. This distance goes a long way for example in hotels with outlets nowhere near your bed.


30.  Travel Luggage Scale: $10 Finding out your bag is just over the weight limit at the airline check in counter is the worst! Know exactly how much to pack and how much room you have coming back with this helpful scale that includes a tape measure! 


31.  Photojojo Apple/Android Phone Shutter Remote: $25 Traveling solo means getting creative when it comes to taking photos of yourself, but this little button makes it so much easier! Capture beautiful solo photos or even group photos without your arm in the frame. 


32.  Scratch Map by Luckies of London: $30.80 Scratch off specific cities, areas or countries to reveal a bright colored map under the gold foil. This gift is amazing motivation to stop traveling to the same places and instead explore new places you’ve never been.


33.  Jewelry Box of Treasures: $20 Hide your jewelry in this hollow book that closes with a magnetic clasp. 

34.  Mini Doodle Kit: $12.50 This tiny doodle book comes with 8 color pencils and is perfect for the artist on the go. 


Anything else you would add? Comment below! And check out our Pineapple Gift Guide

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  1. Thanks for the gift suggestions. They look very interesting and useful. You certainly worked hard in researching the gift ideas. Thanks for all your hard work.

  2. What fun gift suggestions! Thanks for a fabulous Chatbooks giveaway! (I’m njoystudio on Instagram for the giveaway bonus entry!)

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