If you watch travel videos for bucket list inspiration or planning a trip somewhere specific, then you might have noticed that there are statistically more male travel vloggers and creatives, so here are our favorite travel women YouTubers! This list does not include travel couples or men but tries to primarily feature strong women who share real and beautiful travel videos. For each YouTuber we also break down what we love about them, which destinations they specialize in and share one of our favorite videos as an introduction to their work! If you have other favorite YouTuber ladies that you think should be on this list, please comment below so we can add them! If you enjoy their gorgeous video editing and helpful travel tips as much as we do, then please show your support and SUBSCRIBE to them and share the love!

1. Jennifer O’Brien: Watch my channel every Sunday for helpful travel guides, drone videos and NYC videos from the Top Things To Do in Jamaica to the NYC Subway Guide. Watch the top 30 Things To Do in NYC next and please subscribe.


2. The Blonde Abroad: Watch Kiersten’s beautifully edited travel destination videos. Her editing style and friendly personality elevates her travel videos and vlogs! She also has some of the best scuba diving videos!


3. Living on a One Way: Watch Shayla for smart and honest travel tips and advice perfect for beginner and seasoned solo travelers. She has been traveling full time since 2015 and uploads videos every Wednesday.


4. Cup of TJ: This Taipei based vlogger and foodie shares some of the funniest and just real travel moments from around the world! Her passion for food and ability to make you excited about new destinations you’ve never heard of makes her content perfect for binge watching. She even did a TED Talk about her college project of making the last 77 days count for her to do the things she kept pushing off and to encourage others to make those last days of college count. One awesome new series to check out is “drunk and delicious.”


5. Sarah Funk: Watch Sarah for fun adventure and NYC videos from the best bars to secret spots! She just returned from a year trip around the world staying as a local for one month in each country. As a Harry Potter fan, she also shared this expert Harry Potter themed NYC video. Tune in every Thursday for a new video.


6. Oneika: Oneika is a long-term traveler and blogger who has been to about 100 countries. She is so well-spoken and always keeps it real while sharing travel tips and advice and isn’t afraid to talk about controversial topics. She even speaks French and has a “French for Beginners” series. Watch her “Travel Talk” video on “5 Things to Expect When Travelling While Black” next.


7. Digital Nomad Girl: Louise travels full time while working online as a digital nomad and shares her tips for how to become one yourself! Check out her interview HERE. Watch her latest videos every Tuesday on everything from freelance nomad jobs to Thailand to nomad jobs with no skills! Watch her video on “What Do I Earn” to learn more about her digital nomad lifestyle and how she got started!


8. TravelLushes: Watch Ashley Renne for beautiful professionally shot and edited travel videos. She shares great top things to do videos and educational Tesla videos around her Tesla Model S and fun road trips. See another angle of Memphis, watch her recent Top 15 Things To Do in Memphis, Tennessee Travel Guide.


9. Currently Hannah: Hannah is an Australian who has been living in Japan for five years and shares amazingly helpful vlogs and videos about Australia, Singapore, Japan, Cambodia, Indonesia and the Philippines! She has a really accessible personality and keeps it real when a brand sends her something or when she recommends YouTube music or a gimbal for your camera. Watch her video “Is the Robot Restaurant worth $80” next!


10. Hopscotch the Globe: Kristen and her husband Siya are full time travelers and long-time bloggers. Currently living and traveling in an Airstream, they share tiny home tips. Some of my favorite videos are Kristen’s sit-down videos sharing real useful travel tips and hacks like her video on “32 Airport & Airplane Travel Hacks.”


11. RayaWasHere: Raya is such a bright soul sharing great travel videos and honest self-love and self-growth advice. One of my favorite videos of hers has to be this simply gorgeous montage of “Women of the World Morning Routine” which shows how we all have more in common as human beings than what divides us.


12. A Blog Abroad: Glo shoots most of her video on a GoPro, as a GoPro ambassador, which shows such fun perspective shots along her many adventures! She has been traveling for five years and counting and is an expert selfie taker and loves to share real authentic travel experiences and advice. Watch her “Sri Lanka – The Most Underrated Country in the World” video next!


13. Travel in Her Shoes: Aggie’s enthusiasm for travel and passion fruit is contagious! Her biggest adventure was spending 54 days at sea without outside communication sailing across the Pacific. She shares beautifully shot and edited travel videos and funny travel moments. Watch her funny Iceland vlog next!


14. Sorelle Amore: Sorelle was originally known as that “Iceland girl” who moved to Iceland before it was “cool.” She shares a relatable and honest travel perspective. She is perhaps best known for her “How to Pose video” and videos on how to take amazing travel photos of yourself by yourself, which she cleverly coins “The Advanced Selfie.”


15. Where’s Poppy: Poppy is a nomad who specializes in sharing real advice for Asia Travel Adventures. Her video “Don’t Make These Mistakes in The Philippines” shares more than the usual surface “Philippines is Paradise” information. It actually helps you plan for a less crowded and more affordable adventure.


16. Be My Travel Muse: Kristin is one of the OG bloggers who started in 2012 and loves to adventuring, hiking and hitchhiking around the world. I love her honest videos about solo travel like her video on “Should Women Travel Alone in the Philippines” next.


Who are your favorite travel women YouTubers? Did we miss anyone? Comment below and don’t forget to subscribe to everyone!


Best Travel Women YouTubers Vloggers

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  1. Amazing, inspirational women! As a male subscriber to a few of these channels already, I can honestly say they are world class talents, vibrant and unique personalities and the perfect role models, not just for women, but for every person looking for guides, information, entertainment, beauty and creative skills second to none! I am definitely checking out the ones I’ve not subscribed to yet.

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