5 Reasons to get your TEFL abroad

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Nowadays, it seems like everyone is choosing to abandon the more traditional ways of life in favor of more enriching and exciting experiences. With unlimited information at your fingertips, there’s no reason not to be a bit more adventurous in your pursuit of knowledge and wonder. And one of the best ways to do that is to complete a TEFL certificate. Here are 5 reasons you should consider getting your TEFL certificate abroad.

It’s the Perfect Excuse to Stay Abroad
If you’ve worked a regular job, you know how difficult it can be to take time off. And if you’re a student, getting your parents to agree to an extended trip abroad won’t come without raised eyebrows and doubts. But enrolling for a TEFL course abroad is the perfect excuse to buy you time away from your everyday routine!

Obtaining a TEFL certificate is not an easy feat. You attend class Monday-Friday for the better part of your day, are assigned homework, papers, and projects, and are required to complete a certain number of observation hours in order to complete your course. Anyone who thinks you’ll just be enjoying a full 4-weeks on vacation is completely wrong–sort of.

I’m pretty sure there’s plenty of work in store for you anyway–whether it be at work or at school! And I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to work hard, I prefer to do it somewhere I might only visit once in my lifetime. So whether I decide to complete a TEFL in Latin America or China, I’ll always make sure to manage my time so I can maximize my learning and exploring in a foreign land.

You Develop Some Kick-Ass Skills
Like, Time management
Because when you’re attending class, and have projects to complete, there leaves a very limited time period for you to adventure in this new land. You know there’s an end date for your course and your stay, so you make sure to schedule time for all the fun stuff you would do in a foreign country. You also learn that time management is imperative in creating your lesson plans, and enforces the importance of structure.

Because English teachers have a responsibility to lead the day’s lessons. A TEFL course will teach you to effectively manage a classroom, increase student participation, and create engaging lesson plans. As you move forward in your English teaching career, you develop your own knack for teaching the subject, allowing you freedom of expression which assist in your ability to lead the class as you see fit.

Just when you thought you were a fluent English speaker, BOOM, the TEFL course smacks you right in the face–Cue fourth grade grammar text, please! Funny enough, the more you teach something, the more you learn it, because teaching requires you to study it. So not only are you helping to develop your student’s language skills, but yours, too!

Explore a Potential Career
The average millennial is expected to change careers 3-7 times in their lifetime. Be it due to an unstable economy, the rapid advancement of technology, or innovation being at its highest peak, millennials aren’t afraid to ask for what they deserve or to leave a job when their needs aren’t met. So how about a career that allows you the flexibility to travel, and even go into business for yourself?

With a TEFL certificate, you can teach English in hundreds of countries. Just choose the country you are interested in learning more about! And if you don’t want to be tied down to a specific geographic location for too long, you can qualify to teach online! Your new career as an English teacher opens so many new opportunities for the passionately curious.

Spark a New Passion
Sometimes we aren’t aware of a dormant passion because it’s never been awakened. This is often the case for English teachers. Most people who enroll for a TEFL course have no idea what to expect during the course, and even fewer have any teaching experience at all. So push away your fears if you feel ill-equipped to begin a TEFL program. Most start off just like you!

If you already have a passion for culture, exploration, and adventure, a TEFL course will only push you to continue on that path. Only now, you might add a new passion for teaching! Engaging with students, witnessing their progression, and better yet, learning from them, are all part of the excitement of teaching English abroad.

Bragging Rights…in a good way!
Interviewing with a prospective employer is all about showing why you’re the best candidate. You play up your skills, your education, and your experiences, but with an exciting story about obtaining a TEFL overseas, you don’t have to play up anything. Let your experience speak for itself!

People who decide to live abroad are often better communicators, efficient leaders, effective problem solvers, and open to new ideas and people. This makes them better able to immerse themselves in any company culture, while providing valuable skills to the employer. It also gives you something unique, and exciting to share on the interview, helping you to create a relationship with the person who makes the hiring decision! So start saying hello to more job opportunities!

There are countless reasons why traveling is so beneficial to your personal, academic, and professional life, but sometimes we aren’t sure where to start. A TEFL certificate can help mend those hesitations so that you feel comfortable jumping the gun into a new life overseas. The course is short enough for you to decide if you’re actually ready for a life abroad, and long enough for you to realize there’s so much more you need to discover. In just 4-short weeks, you get a new career, new skills, and a lifetime of memories.

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