I’ve lived in New York City about three years now and I think I’ve seen this gorgeous skyline from some of the best angles (from Gantry Plaza to the Staten Island Ferry) but there is one view I’ve always dreamed of enjoying and photographing: NYC from above! Thanks to Wings Air Heli my friend Josh (@instagramNYC, @VisualsofNY, @JoshFromNY on Instagram) and I took to the sky for sunset! Our wonderful pilot Joe was very attentive and flew us (sometimes at a 90 degree angle for the best viewing) around our favorite buildings: the Empire State Building and (my favorite) the Chrysler Building. Those art deco details from above are incredible, there are so many gorgeous architectural designs you can only appreciate from this angle. It was truly one of my favorite experiences in NYC so far that I highly recommend everyone checks out! Here are some of my favorite views from our sunset tour: 

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