1. Framing: Try to take a photo in the Instagram stories camera to make sure you get the crop and framing just right. Or if you want to take it in your phone camera (which can be better for low light or night shots) take a step back to make sure it won’t crop anything important out of the shot when it is uploaded to your Instastories.

2. Text color: Add text in a creative way with either clean white text on a contrasted blue or black background or try to match the color of the text to the subject of the photo, just make sure the text color is legible on the background. Also try adding a background color behind the text so the text pops out more!

3. Pin text: Pin text or someone’s @handle to a specific person, object or location in your Instastories. Simply press and hold the text till the pin option comes up on the bottom!

4. Moving Text: Create a moving word art with an app like Hype Type to create text that unfolds on a photo, perfect to call your audience to action to swipe up for example.

5. Add a link: Accounts with over 10K followers and a linked Facebook page can add a URL to their stories in a “swipe up” feature. Search for the link icon on the top to add a URL and don’t forget to write “swipe up” to help make sure your audience sees the small arrow and knows to swipe up. This can be used for a blog post, feature article, social media link or even the fashions worn in a photo.

6. Negative space: Take advantage of negative space by making the marker the biggest size and scribbling on the entire photo multiple times/layers so that there is a solid color over a photo, then use the eraser to subtract color in a big circle or specific design or even erase it in writing a word to add a creative background to that negative space!

7. Stickers: Utilize trending stickers or markers to add an element of playful fun to a shot!

8. Hashtags or geolocations: Add a hashtag or geolocation in your text to add your story to the top of that hashtag or geolocation.

9. Boomerang or Hyperlapse: Use the Instagram apps/features Boomerang (swipe right below the camera) or Hyperlapse (separate app) to create unique little video clips.

10. Music: Add music clips behind recording video clips consecutively so that a longer piece of a song can be heard behind video stories.

11. Tag friends: It’s always great to tag friends or brands featured in a photo, which sends them a DM and they might even shout out your photo in their stories! Tag us @TheTravelWomen in your stories with this article if you enjoyed this article!

Any other tips you recommend or questions about where to find features? Comment below!


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