1. Use tablet shampoo, toothpaste, and sunblock: Since you’re limited in the amount of liquids you can bring, save all the hassle by buying shampoo and toothpaste tablets, and solid sunblock. This way, you can pack more of them without running into any issues with TSA.

2. Pick a bright suitcase: Luggage tags, belts or scarves can differentiate your suitcase from your fellow passengers, but pick a brightly colored suitcase to avoid having someone else accidentally mistaking your suitcase for theirs.

Top Packing Hacks The Travel Women

3. Use packing cubes: You probably know this situation all too well: you start off your trip with your suitcase all neat and tidy, but by the time you get back it’s a mess of clothing and shoes. Living out of a suitcase gets very messy very quick, but if you use packing cubes to section off your clothing, packing and repacking will be a breeze.

4. Roll your clothing: The best method for preventing wrinkles and saving space is to roll your clothing.

5. Buy a hard shell suitcase: Airport workers aren’t always the gentlest when handling luggage. Buy a hard shell suitcase to protect everything inside. Additionally, hard shell suitcases are usually waterproof as well!

6. Bring bags in bags: Airlines often allow only one carry-on, which means you’re going to take the largest backpack you have in an attempt to stuff everything in it. But what about when you want to go out and you only have a huge backpack to bring with you? If you pack portable bags inside your luggage, you’ll always have the right sized bag on your travels.

10 Travel Packing Hacks The Travel Women

7. Put the heaviest items near the wheels: When packing, put the heavier items near the wheel side of your suitcase. This way, it’ll be much easier when you’re rolling your suitcase across the airport and foreign cities.

8. Use GoToobs: If you must bring a liquid form of a toiletry, instead of going out and buying the travel size version, use GoToobs! They’re reusable and are exactly the right size for the TSA requirements. For pricing click here.

9. Put plastic wrap over bottles: Say you must bring a liquid in it’s original container. Unscrew the cap, take some cellophane and cover the opening, then screw the cap back on. This will ensure that you have zero leakage.

10. Clip earrings in two buttonholes: To easily keep track of your earrings, get buttons with two holes in them, and clip an earring in each hole.

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10 Packing Hacks The Travel Women

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