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Welcome! If you love travel or are planning a trip (solo or with others) you’ve arrived in the right place to find the inspiration, resources and videos to make your journey all that more enjoyable!

Hi, I’m Jen, founder of The Travel Women and I absolutely love to welcome new women to the community like family, read more about our team here

On this website, you will find:

  • A community of women who love travel sharing their stories
  • Inspiration on where to travel next: where is trendy and safe
  • Travel tips from how to travel solo to how to pack
  • Photography tips from professional photographers
  • Destination-specific guides: with top things to do, restaurants, where to stay and more
  • Stay hotel reviews focused on fun, affordable and trendy luxury stays
  • Interviews with top travel women from our community


Our goal is to give you all the tools possible to make your best travel decisions, worry less and travel more!

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