TrainChat with TTW and Amtrak logos over misty morning over train tracks

Thank you to everyone who joined @TheTravelWomen on Twitter on Tuesday, 11/28/17 at 2pm EST for our #TrainChat Twitter Chat with Amtrak. Scroll down past the questions for highlights from the Twitter Chat.

If you have any questions feel free to tweet at us.


2:00pm Q1 Where are you tuning in from? Share a photo! #TrainChat

2:05pm Q2 There are some gorgeous historic train stations! Do you have a favorite train station? #TrainChat

2:10pm Q3 Have you ever taken a scenic train in the US? Where? Feel free to share photos! #TrainChat 

2:15pm Q4 Have you ever taken a scenic train outside of the US? Where? Feel free to share photos! #TrainChat 

2:20pm Q5 Have you ever traveled across the US? How? Tell us more! #TrainChat

2:25pm Q6 Do you think trains are good for solo travelers? #SoloTravel #TrainChat

2:30pm Q7 What do you recommend you need to pack for a train trip? #TrainChat

2:35pm Q8 Do you prefer train trips over other forms of transportation? Why? #TrainChat

2:40pm Q9 What is a dream train trip you would love to take? #TrainChat

2:45pm Q10 What questions do you have about traveling cross-country on a train? #TrainChat


Highlights of some of our favorite answers:



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