With a new year comes an opportunity to reflect on our resolutions about how and why we travel. After polling our ambassadors and social community, the top travel resolution was “travel more” but the following resolutions go a step further to challenge us all to be thoughtful, slow or spontaneous with our travels. What’s your travel resolution? Comment below!

Photo: Anne Foss Photo: Anne Foss

“My new years travel resolution is to learn how to shoot on my camera! I’m still a novice, and frequently I just point and shoot. I’d love to take a course and watch videos online to learn how to shoot off of auto. I’ve been to so many picturesque places, and I don’t feel like my pictures do them justice!”

– Anne Foss, Ambassador @thetraveldarling

“For 2017, I want to focus more on traveling for the experience and less for the pictures (but good pictures are still a must!). I’m also going to try to interact with locals more often.”

– Claire Wang, Ambassador @adventureatwork

“My goal is to bring amazing women together on trips they couldn’t imagine alone to share unique experiences and learn from each other along the way.”

– Jennifer O’Brien, Founder @jenniferscamera

“2017 will be a hectic year for me, and I will be traveling frequently for work, so above all, I hope to make time to take one trip that is just for me.  I want to experience the soulfulness of New Orleans again.  My pie in the sky for 2017 is to get to  Bucharest, Romania.”

– Rin Ehlers, Ambassador @rinehlers

“Every year, my New Year’s resolution is always the same: My goal is to travel more and hang out with my amazing friends across the world. There’s nothing better than a reunion with an old friend over a good beer in a foreign city!”

– Anna Mazurek, Ambassador @annamazurekphoto

“My New Year’s resolution is on each trip I take – have one day that is totally unplanned!”

– Anna Kloots, Intern @traveloutsidethebox

“So many places for next year. Hoping Cuba makes the first in the list!” – @ananewyork

“I want to travel slower. This year has been a whirlwind of travel but next year I want to spend more time in once place enjoying all the experiences and not feeling rushed to do everything” – @eatlivetraveldrink

“To take every opportunity I have to travel, whether it’s for a day, a week, or a month. Cheers to 2017!” – @tekwani

“To set my camera down a little more, to live in the moment and to be present so I can take in the sights and sounds around me!” – @sugarandstamps

“To explore minimal environmental footprint, high community impact adventures. Seek deeper experiences & dedicate myself to ethical travel practices!” – @worldwomanwanderlust

“Norway and Iceland” – @sagar.ganatra

“I’m moving to South America and exploring the heck out of it!” – @cellinedacosta

“Step out of my comfort zone!” – @chriskouv

“Definitely traveling around the world ???? hope to have more to share!!!” – @sweetmelissa26

“To make as many new travel friends as possible” – @taylor_fuller

“Im hoping to travel to 30 countries!!” – @wanderreds

“Travel more of course but also building more friendships through the travel community” – @tourdelust

“Travel and work abroad on my own for several months! Already planning” – @aprilyab

“In 2017, my goal is to take the next steps in creating a successful professional and personal life that is outside of the box and off the grid all while educating others that successful is much more than a dollar sign or a job title. In 2016, I left my lucrative post-law school career to make these dreams a reality. Wish me luck” – @eternaladventurer

“Travel at least once per month, even if it’s just for the day. I’ very already made my plans for January and February, let’s hope i’ll make it till the end! Happy new year to all!” – @marthakoskina

“Just live in the moment and enjoy where we are at that given time” – @thewanderfullyfe

“Make more wonderful friends trough the traveling women IG family!!! Love you gals” – @kravetheworld

“My New Years resolution is to travel through south east Asia and Latin America!” – @travelingpetitegirl

“Well this year I’ve been to 7 different countries – so I just want to continue this way! It’s been great to spend my time in such different places” – @nataschatp

“To branch out more to new cities instead of sticking w our same old favs…” – @urbanadventures

“I want to appreciate life wherever I will be” – @100gramsofsun

“Say yes, as often as possible” – @allietheleon

“My New Years travel resolution is to get a nice camera and learn how to take beautiful landscape photos of my travels” – @alesiasadventures

“To make it more about getting to know the place I am rather than treat it like a resort.” – @justtwobrostravel

“Two new countries and a destination hike vacation like one to Hawaii or Patagonia. Can’t wait for 2017!” – @adventureappeal

“To travel more slowly in 2017 ;)” – @insearchofperfect

“New Years resolution: stop smoking and start surfing (better)!” – @wheresthegringo

“Ive always wanted to go on a solo trip, going to make this the year!” – @be.anything_but.boring

“Mine is to second less time on social more time with the people I’ve met through it” – @borderfreetravels

“My New Year’s Eve travel resolution is to immerse myself fully in every new place I visit, to always try new things and keep an open mind where ever I go! Hoping to top this year with even more places I’ve never traveled to! But it’s always about getting to know a place and the people there rather than the number of places I end up visiting – that to me is truly traveling” – @witandfolly

“To live for myself” – @bronzeandbriny

“To explore one new place every year” – @comejoinmyjourney_

“Try a local delicacy in each country I visit, as recommended by a local” – @alexjneale

“My resolution is to learn a new language!” – @thetrinitraveller

“I visited 11 new countries in 2016…..in 2017 I want to visit at least 12!! #30beforeI’m30, so I have some time” – @travelwithkell

“To ditch the travel buddy and go on an adventure solo more often- I’ve found it’s the best way to get to know yourself better while completely immersing yourself in the local culture and sights.” – @_miss_maddie_

“My travel resolution for 2017 is to run out of pages in my passport (only a few to go!)” – @blonde_atlas

“My travel resolution is to taste the local dish of every country I visit!” – @sugarandstamps

“To pack an empty suitcase, bring the essentials and leave the rest to chance” – @veraosandals

“My resolution is to book that one way ticket I have been planning for” – @_jetsettingginger

“Have a day that’s totally unplanned. Live in the moment!” – @whimsicalfawn

“Travel resolution for 2017 — To go off the grid more often and appreciate the present moment!” – @journeyseye

“Definitely to travel more courageously – push ourselves to do things we wouldn’t normally do. Take some of the things on the second half of our list for each place and move them to the top!” – @ourbroketravels

“My resolution is to think on a more global scale when picking destinations: think outside the budget airlines” – @notanomadblog

“My new years travel resolution is to meet more travellers on my journey. We are travelling ad a couple, and that combined with me being a total introvert means it doesn’t happen so easily” – @frownaroundtheworld

“My resolution is if I revisit a place I’ve been to before to make sure I see or experience at least one new thing/site” – @onmydayoff_

“My travel resolution is to be completely open to new experiences and local suggestions pushing my boundaries and expectations for myself. Cheers to 2017” – @wanderinggroupie

“Mine is every trip to take an hour and relax enjoy the view and not get caught up in picture” – @jhua23

“My travel resolution for 2017 is to explore more of my home country rather than always itching to hop on a plane.” – @makepeace

“My travel resolution is to push myself outside of my comfort zone when I’m traveling. To have to courage to travel solo, venture off the beaten path, meet new people and always says yes to new experiences. It’s all about the experience!” – @steph.lyons

“My travel resolution is that for every international trip I take, I have to take one trip to know my home county better. Starting with the Riviera Nayarit and France” – @claudiaalvrz

“My New Year’s travel resolution is to visit Quebec City.” – @wingfoot0012

“My resolution: now that I’ve found my happiness…. spread it. Spread it everyday day, no matter what. Joy is infectious and we can all use a little more in today’s world.” – @gojohannago



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  1. New years resolution is to make responsible tourism a trend. Making travellers participate actively in saving the Earth. Also to be a happy soul.

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