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The Spark is DJI’s newest and smallest drone yet! They say the best camera is the one you have on you and the spark’s tiny frame makes it super travel-friendly. It is probably the easiest drone to fly on the market and the most affordable making it perfect for beginners! It is not ideal for professional photographers, but in the end it all comes down to three things: size, quality and price.

SIZE: How small and portable our gear is makes all the difference so having this tiny drone which you can easily fly without a controller or without even a phone makes it much more travel-friendly. It can fit into a carry-on, purse or even a large pocket. It is half the weight and size of the DJI Mavic Pro, but the Mavic Pro does have wings that fold up. The Spark’s more petite frame makes it less stable than the Mavic Pro especially on a windy day.

Quality: The size and quality is best compared to a DSLR camera versus an entry-level mirrorless camera. The DSLR is a little bigger and heavier, but delivers higher quality photos. The Spark captures 1080p whereas the Mavic Pro captures 4K photos and videos. 1080p is perfectly sufficient for most beginners, bloggers or photographers looking for social media content. Many people do not have a computer, tv or phone to edit or view the 4K difference anyways. 4K is ideal for professional photographers who are editing and sharing 4K. Fun fact: if you upload a 4K photo to Instagram it will downsize it to 1080p.

Price: The Spark is about half the price of the Mavic Pro due to  the compact design, shorter battery life, and lower camera resolution. It is a little bit more money to get the complete package with the controller, but it will allow you  to maximize your flight distance and movement control. If price is your priority then the DJI Spark is the best option available at that price point.

This drone is the perfect entry level drone for cost conscious beginners looking to capture epic aerial selfies. The DJI Spark is user-friendly and easy to travel with. The gesture control and additional modes like Helix make it easier than ever to get cinematic shots with one click which sets it apart from other drones!

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