Travel cameras need to be small, light, and portable and Snapchat Spectacles are a fun additional camera to create quick social videos while traveling. The video you create saves directly to your Snapchat through a bluetooth connection to your smartphone, but of course you can download your videos and crop them to share on your Instagram story or YouTube. The camera on the right side records 10 or 30 second wide angle video that looks similar to GoPro footage. The best feature is how Snapchat integrates the round video into your Snapchat story allowing it to be more interactive since the viewer can tilt their screen to see an almost 360 degree version of your video. Unfortunately, you cannot tilt your screen in any other app like Instagram right now. 

Living in NYC means many things launch here first, including the first and only physical Snapchat Spectacles store. I didn’t know much about them until my friend @JacobSantiago was getting in line for them on a day with only a two hour wait. Two hours later we had a true NYC experience bonding with everyone in line. They cost $130 and come out of a yellow machine called a Snapbot. It looks like a yellow minion and lights up and interacts with you through it’s one eye before spitting out the glasses and a rainbow receipt.

I must say it was such an experience just waiting in line and if you can get your hands on them, by following the pop-up Snapbot’s location or waiting in line in NYC, they do make a fun and stylish addition to your travel wardrobe and add to your snapchat story while traveling! The best thing is they are handsfree, so you can wear them zip lining, bobsledding, you name it! 

These sunglasses have an adorable shape, come in three colors: salmon, teal or black… oh and now gold! I had so much fun spray painting, filming and editing this video, let me know in the comments below what you think of them in gold and if you would buy them? 


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